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Privacy policy for SIMTEQ A/S

SIMTEQ A/S privacy policy informs you about what personal information we collect, why we collect it, how we handle it and how we secure, store, share and delete your data.

Personal information is in this respect defined as information that can identify you as a person. This can be, for example, your email address, address information, telephone number etc.


What personal information does SIMTEQ A/S process?

The type of information that SIMTEQ A/S processes regarding you can be:

  • Personal information: such as name, address, telephone number and email
  • User and user actions information: such as login ID, username and IP address
  • Financial information: such as bank account
  • Content: which you have uploaded through a SIMTEQ software solution, such as expense vouchers and other receipts

SIMTEQ A/S does not process personal information regarding users, customers and visitors in addition to those listed above.

It is important to notice that it is the company in which you are associated and which holds a customer agreement with SIMTEQ A/S for the use of a SIMTEQ software solution, that is the party entering and maintaining your personal information as listed above. SIMTEQ A/S only processes the information on behalf of the customer as a part of the software offering.


How does SIMTEQ A/S handle your personal information?

In general, SIMTEQ A/S collects personal information directly from you or via persons (auditors, advisers, companies), where you as a person are affiliated with a company that has a Customer Relationship with SIMTEQ A/S.

We also use cookies and other tracking technologies when you use SIMTEQ A/S’s websites and product pages and when you communicate with us by e-mail. We do this to optimize your experience of our sites. You can see which tracking services we use by reading our cookie policy.


Why do we process personal data?

This Privacy Policy applies when you interact with SIMTEQ A/S and our subsidiaries and we thereby process your personal information. This can be, for example, by:

Purchase and quotation:

  • To bill you for our services as a customer

In our software solutions:

  • To create you as a user in our services
  • To log user actions in our applications to prevent fraud
  • Support and software improvements
  • To improve and develop the quality, functionalities and user experiences of our products, services and sites.
  • To provide customer support on our products and services
  • To monitor, protect and perform maintenance as well as troubleshooting and troubleshooting of our solutions

What is the legal basis for processing your personal data?

We process information on various legal grounds.

  • By agreement with you as a person:
    We process your personal data on the basis of a legally binding agreement with you.
  • After your consent:
    We process your data based on consent. For example, we ask for your consent to send you marketing emails in accordance with marketing laws. You will always be able to withdraw your consent.
  • After a legitimate interest:
    SIMTEQ A/S has a legitimate interest when we process your data for application functionality, security, support and improvement, or when you act as a customer contact for one of our existing customers, including in customer support. Your personal information is processed from a business perspective in a way that we believe is consistent with your privacy rights.


How do we share your personal information?

SIMTEQ A/S may also share your personal information with external third parties in the following contexts:

  • Business partners:
    SIMTEQ A/S may share your personal information with our partners, provided this is legitimate from a business perspective and is in accordance with applicable data protection legislation.
  • Public authorities:
    The police and other authorities may require that personal information from SIMTEQ A/S be disclosed. In these cases, SIMTEQ A/S will only hand over the information if there is a court order etc., which invites us to do so.


To what extent do we use subcontractors?

SIMTEQ A/S uses subcontractors to process personal information. These subcontractors are typically providers of cloud hosting services or message gateway providers in order to send you one time passwords for use in SIMTEQ software solutions.

When SIMTEQ A/S uses subcontractors, SIMTEQ A/S will enter into a data processing agreement (DPA) with subcontractors to secure your personal data rights and to fulfill our obligations to our Customers. When subcontractors are located outside the EU, SIMTEQ A/S ensures that the legal basis for such international transfers on behalf of you or our Customers, by supporting us in EU legislation.

You are always welcome to request an overview of our subcontractors. (see our contact information in the last section).


How long do we store your data?

SIMTEQ A/S only stores your personal information for as long as is necessary to carry out our contractual obligations. When we process your personal data on other legal grounds, such as the legitimate interest, we store data for as long as is necessary to fulfill the purpose of the processing.

Therefore, your personal information may be subject to different retention policies based on the type of data and the purpose for which it is collected.

For further information on deleting personal information, you are welcome to contact SIMTEQ A/S. (see our contact information in the last section).


What are your rights?

Basic rights:

  • You have the right to access your personal data by requesting an overview of the personal data that we process about you. In addition, you may be entitled to data portability.
  • You also have the right to request that SIMTEQ A/S correct inaccuracies in your personal information. If you have a profile at SIMTEQ A/S or in one of our services, you can always correct your personal information under “My user settings”.

In addition, you have the right to request the deletion of personal data and to limit or object to our processing of your personal data in accordance with this statement or other service-specific terms.

  • Use to submit requests as mentioned in this section.

Finally, you also have the right to lodge a complaint with the data protection authorities in connection with our processing of your personal data.


Right to opt out of marketing communication:

You have the option to opt out of marketing from SIMTEQ A/S and you can do so by:

  • Contact us by email:

You will also always have the opportunity to register / unsubscribe from cookies on our websites via our cookie banner. Please note that even if you opt out of receiving marketing communications, you may still receive administrative communications, such as order confirmations and notifications necessary to administer your services at SIMTEQ A/S.



We encourage you to review this policy regularly.

This policy is reviewed at least every year.

Our policies were last updated: 04-04-2024.



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