This is SIMTEQ

Innovative solutions

We love to bring value, innovate and optimize, this is the DNA of the company

Competence is important

Our team members have a long experience within their areas of competence

The SIMTEQ team consists of people with key knowledge within business process and technical area. Within the team, everyone is characterized by solid business, project and IT experience. With individual experience ranging from 2 to more than 20 years in business consulting and software development, our team can provide a wide range of solutions.

How it all came to be

The story of SIMTEQ

Established in 2019 by consultants with an extensive network and market experience.

SIMTEQ was founded to provide small and medium/large sized corporations in the European region with simple technology services within accounting and business process automation. The company started its history by combining business advisory alongside building software solutions. On the advisory side SIMTEQ has highly specialized advisors for the hospitality industry, where we most often combine products and advisory solutions. Our clients spread from audit firms to large international hospitality groups.

Today SIMTEQ consists of 25 highly skilled employees, that is placed in Our offices across Denmark, Norway and India.

Strong values define a team

Our four core values


Our accountability begins with each individual consultant:

  • We are open and honest in what we say and do
  • We are trustworthy
  • We deliver on time and in high quality
  • We live up to expectations

Our flexibility gives us the ability to put clients first:

  •  We are a dynamic organization that can provide what is required when it is required
  • We go the extra mile when needed
  • We ensure the right work/life balance for the individual employee
  • We adapt to the new and unexpected

Passion is what drives us:

  • We show joy in our work
  • We empower the team to the benefit of our customers
  • We are passionate and proud about what we do and deliver
  • We make a difference

Finally, we adopt a professional approach to everything we do:

  • We engage in discussions with a professional attitude
  • We show respect for the people with whom we work
  • We are knowledgeable and committed

Our management

Consists of individuals with a long career within financial business advisory

Kristian Rygh

Chief Executive Officer

Kristian Rygh has a long career as a business consultant delivering solutions for some of the largest corporates in the Nordic region. In SIMTEQ he is our specialist in the areas of bank integration solutions for small and medium/large sized companies.

Mads Bohnstedt-Petersen

Chief Operating Officer

Mads Bohnstedt-Petersen has a long career within financial process advisory and financial reporting advisory. He uses his background from large corporates and audit firms, to scope and design process automation solutions for small and medium/large sized companies.